Name Change

I've reverted to my original name of David Yates. Jehan didn't work out for me.

I've left The Workhouse Gallery and my work can now be bought directly from this website. Please click the 'Contact' button for more information.


The photomontage (right) is 1 of 5 commissioned for a 12" vinyl LP by the Nightingales.

Next work

I'm creating artwork for several records and painting new abstract canvases. I'll be adding the latter to the site in time.


I play keyboards in an indie rock band band. For more information on my work as a musician, please visit


'Good Morning Midnight' 2014

“The images and content are powerful and arresting. The work holds it's own with a self-confidence that is interesting and aggressive.”

April Gertler, Artist

“In a world of bullshit, fashion and mumbo jumbo it is a relief to know that an artist as strong and humble as David is creating simple beauty with such diligence and madness. Time will tell the unknowing that this is a very real and serious artist.”

Robert Lloyd, Singer/Songwriter

David shows how much there is still to discover for us as viewers when his images start to challenge the rules of photography and become a new way of painting."

Ron Sluik, Artist